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NeedGp thrives to make sure that customer’s satisfaction is our upmost priority. Our services enable customers to purchase, sell or swap cheap Runescape and RSPS gold via safe payment methods which guarantee the safety of the sale. We are one of the cheapest gold sellers out there.


• Buying / Selling of Runescape 3 Gold
• Buying / Selling of Old School Runescape Gold
• Buying / Selling of Seasonal Deadman Gold
• Buying / Selling of Private Server Gold ~ OS-Scape
• Swapping Gold In between EOC, OSRS and RSPSs
• Round the clock active live agents to assist in any questions and sales.

Core Values
• Customers are our number one priority.
• Lighting fast and Reliable
• Cheapest gold seller in the market
• Quality live chat support

How is it like to shine like beryl?

With OSRS, RS3, DMM and RSPS gold provided by NeedGp, you can become the biggest baller in Runescape. Dreamt of an Elysian spirit shield or 3rd age armor? Let that dream be a reality! With gold prices as low as they can be, bossing, staking and PKing is going to be easier and way more fun. Want to look like a boss in Runescape? Purchase gold from us and you too can dress to impress everyone in the community. NeedGp has proven that even the busiest of a us can be the richest! Why grind it out for months when you can purchase gold within minutes and start enjoying the journey through modern Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape? Our customers usually come back to us as we offer the best prices and discounts to our abilities on top of friendly and professional live support. Our live chat agents are very well trained and knowledgeable in their field of work. All of them have multiple years of Runescape experience under their belt. We have traded hundreds of billions of RS gold thus far and we are not stopping any time soon. Try it yourself and you will find out why Beryls community has been growing at such incredible rates.

Why are different from the rest?

NeedGp offers customers to enjoy the pleasure of a cheap and fast trade. Be it 2007 Runescape, RSPS or Runescape 3 gold, We are 24/7 on the ball. Ready to sell and buy as and when our loyal customers please. We offer a wide variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Paypal My Cash card, Bitcoin, UK Bank Transfer, US Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Skrill. Also in order to give back to our community, we host a weekly giveaways, where participants can win RS3 or Old School Runescape gold.

NeedGp covers all fees for buying of OSRS, RSPS or EOC gold. We sell the cheapest gold, if you have found a cheaper price, let us know and we will beat it!

We promise an instant delivery. As soon as we verify your order, the gold is delivered within seconds! If due to technical or other difficulties you find our live chat offline, but still choose to order, we will add 5% bonus for the wait and inconvenience!

What can you expect from NeedGp in 2017?

NeedGp are expanding every day. We are looking into getting in a few more services to enhance our loyal customers Runescape gameplay

Questing Services

NeedGp questing services are quick and easy. It will allow you to skip the daunting task of completing Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape quests!

Fire Cape Services

Are you stuck at Jad on OSRS? No worries, let NeedGp professional fire caper get you through any stage of Fight caves with a breeze.

Minigame Services

NeedGp Minigame Services will help our customers attain their outfits such as Void and Fighter Torso in the shortest possible time. It can be exhausting spending days on a minigame so why not just do it the easy way?

Power-Level Services

Power-Leveling Services will enable our customers to level up to their desired skill or combat level in both 2007 Runescape and RS3.

Loyalty System

NeedGp Loyalty system will allow people to receive Beryl Points for RSPS Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape gold purchases. You will be able to exchange points for prizes and discount codes.

Referral system

Referral System will allow customers to refer Runescape friends to NeedGp. For the efforts in the recruiting process people will be awarded with prizes and discount codes.

More payment methods for your convenience

We are looking into making more payment methods available for our customers to pay with. Partnership with other fund transferring companies will make it easier for our customers to achieve maximum satisfaction and convenience in their Runescape gold sales and purchases.

Ultimately, whether you sell 1m RS3 gold or purchase 5 billion Oldschool Runescape GP. We will approach your order with the same thoroughness and energy. NeedGp shows paramount care to every single one of our customer. It's our mission to make everyone leave our website with a smile on their face. We do our best to accomplish this by offering the cheapest gold prices in the Runescape market among trusted gold shops. We provide a fast, reliable and professional 24/7 live chat support that saves you precious time. Furthermore we are constantly looking into more opportunities to make your Runescape gameplay as exciting as it can be. NeedGp is an upcoming rising superstar company that is willing to do anything and everything to make our Beryls happy. We never fail to meet our customers’ requirements and promise to make the trade between us safe and smooth.

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