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How OldSchool Runescape came about?

Old School Runescape which is also known as OSRS, RS07, Runescape 2007 and 2007Scape was introduced from a backup of the Runescape source code as it had been on August 10 2007. As the update of EOC on Runescape made a significant amount of players quit, OSRS brought them back. Eventually 2007 Runescape caught up with EOC players wise. Jagex announced the release of Oldschool Runescape following a successful poll on February 22 2013. Players could switch between EOC and OSRS with the same Runescape account. Most of the content on OSRS is voted by players and it has to be supported by 75% of voters to pass. A lot of people prefer 2007 RuneScape as it brings nostalgia of childhood, old school combat system and interface. Modern Runescape 3 definitely took a hit with the release of Old School Runescape. That being said, RS3 is still played by a lot of people, who prefer modern interface, high quality graphics and modern combat system –EOC (Evolution of Combat). Ultimately, both servers are run by Jagex.

How does the popularity between EOC and OSRS affect gold prices?

With the rising popularity of OSRS, the need of Old School gold increases. With the right amount of gold, you can level a desired skill, buy your dream gear or just have fun at the duel arena. RS07 was released 4 years ago. Obviously people who joined OSRS later are at the huge disadvantage. Runescape is a game where time waits for no man. That’s where Needgp comes in. We are here to help you to skip the tedious grind and jump straight to the fun side of things. That is what our team do, we have fun! Whether you enjoy PKing, staking, bossing or efficient skilling, Needgp can hook you up with any amount of OSRS gold at affordable and competitive price.

What makes us different from other gold sellers?

Despite having thousands of positive feedback, we keep our rates fair. Needgp believes that people should pay the right and fair price for the gold. We are proud of the fact that we sell the cheapest 2007 Runescape gold among trusted gold shops on the market. On top of amazing base GP rates, we also add bulk bonuses and discounts. We make sure to update the price of our OSRS gold every single day. We are stocked by our suppliers hourly, thus we rarely run out of Old School Runescape gold. There is no other place that you find such a great combination of price, service quality and reputation.

Sales Procedure
The whole process of buying OSRS gold is very simple and easy. In most cases we deliver gold within 2-6 minutes after you check out. Here are the simple steps:
i. Scroll up until you can see Old School Runescape logo, Amount and Delivery name.
ii. Enter the desired amount of Old School Runescape gold.
iii. Enter your Runescape display name. The gold will be delivered to this character
iv. Choose the desired payment method and check out.
v. Upon paying, message our live chat. Click on the live chat square in the right hand bottom corner to start the chat.
vi. Live chat agent might ask for some information in order to verify your order.
vii. The gold will be instantly delivered upon completing verification process.

Safety of our trades

Our customers are our top priority. We use a lot of techniques to stay clean and most importantly keep our clients safe. To this day we have had no reports of anyone (including ourselves) being been banned for RWT for buying or selling gold with us. We purchase our gold from legit Runescape players just like you. We will not disclose any information or transaction to anyone else but our company and our fund transferring allies.