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Whether you are looking for 5m or 5b to boost for your RS3 gold stock, we have got your back! NeedGp mentality is all about being the best. For us it means, providing the fastest and flawless Runescape 3 gold buying experience that you can find on the market. We want you to share the same our mindset and dominate Runescape as we dominate the market.

You may ask, why should I choose NeedGp over other RS3 gold vendors. It’s an easy answer for us. First of all, our feedback speaks for itself. We have accumulated over 3000 positive feedback over various Runescape gold trading forums. Keep in mind that this number is growing every single day! Despite being extremely trusted by Runescape community, we keep our prices competitive. We offer a guarantee, which means that if you found a cheaper rate elsewhere, bring it us and we will gladly beat it! Lastly, the average RS3 gold order delivery takes only 5 minutes, which is around 20% faster than most of our competitors!

Buying RS3 gp from us can’t get any easier. Simply fill the form above with a desired amount of gold and your display name on RS3 server, then choose the most convenient payment method and click the checkout button! If you have any questions regarding your RS3 gold order, feel free to contact our 24/7 live chat at any time. Simply click on the green bubble on your right hand bottom corner to start chatting with us.

If Instead of buying, you are looking to sell or swap. Visit our RS3 Gold buying or Swapping pages and we will be glad to acquire your spare gold.

Short history of RS3

Runescape 3 is also known as RS3 or evolution of Combat (EOC). It is the modern and current version of Runescape. Throughout almost two decades, RS3 has seen lots of ups and downs. It all began with Runescape classic, a game that evolved to Runescape 2. RS2 is responsible for most of ours childhood. Eventually Jagex decided to completely change the game by releasing a controversial updated called “Evolution of Combat”. A large percentage of players were against such a drastic change, however developers saw that the gaming world was changing and decided to go through with the update. This made a good amount of players quit but the ones that stuck around loved it! Runescape 3 has come a long way since it’s initial release. A lot of things were fixed and improved. In 2017 Runescape 3 offers good-looking high definition graphics, intuitive combat system, fresh interface and lots of content to complete. The whole Runescape player base is almost equally split between Old School Runescape and modern Runescape 3.

Sales Procedure
The whole process of buying OSRS gold is very simple and easy. In most cases we deliver gold within 2-6 minutes after you check out. Here are the simple steps:
i. Scroll up until you can see Old School Runescape logo, Amount and Delivery name.
ii. Enter the desired amount of Old School Runescape gold.
iii. Enter your Runescape display name. The gold will be delivered to this character
iv. Choose the desired payment method and check out.
v. Upon paying, message our live chat. Click on the live chat square in the right hand bottom corner to start the chat.
vi. Live chat agent might ask for some information in order to verify your order.
vii. The gold will be instantly delivered upon completing verification process.

Safety of our trades

Our customers are our top priority. We use a lot of techniques to stay clean and most importantly keep our clients safe. To this day we have had no reports of anyone (including ourselves) being been banned for RWT for buying or selling gold with us. We purchase our gold from legit Runescape players just like you. We will not disclose any information or transaction to anyone else but our company and our fund transferring allies.